2023 Symposium Classes and Speakers


The 34th Annual AHG Symposium features 32 classes and 6 plant walks along with the Maypop Mixer on Friday night and the Rockin' Roots Dance Party on Saturday night.  Arrive on Friday for three-hour-long Pre-Symposium Intensives and a plant walk. Stay through Monday to attend a day-long Post-Symposium Intensive or a plant walk. 


KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Herbal Legacies: Sources, Silences, and Challenges with Claudia J. Ford, PhD,

Friday, October 13, 2023, 8:00 PM (Mountain Daylight Time)

Working as researchers and practitioners within the herbal legacy forces us to confront questions about the limitations of our historical information on medicine, health, and medicinal plants. We face the challenge of educating ourselves and our clients while studying the available archives that were created by authors who projected their bigoted and incomplete beliefs on to what they observed yet frequently did not fully comprehend. Our herbal legacy was too often created in ways that abused Indigenous peoples and silenced their traditional plant and medical knowledge. This discussion explores ways to attend to the sources, silences, and challenges of our herbal legacies, so that we might be able to practice herbalism in a manner that discontinues harm to communities, repairs relationships between plants and people, and that privileges, without appropriation, the voices and expertise of the original plant knowledge holders.



Friday, October 13, 2023, 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM (Mountain Daylight Time)

In addition to the weekend Symposium, we offer six Pre-Symposium Intensives on Friday, October 13th. These three-hour classes offer an in-depth exploration of a variety of topics. Two Pre-Symposium Intensives, Your First Year of Clinical Practice with Camille Freeman, and Preserving the Herbal Legacy of Cannabis Culture with Jessica Baker, are available as part of the Online Symposium and may be accessed live and as recordings. Learn more here.



Monday, October 16, 2023, 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM (Mountain Daylight Time)

Low Dose Botanicals: Three Clinical Approaches with AHG Registered Herbalists Jenn Dazey, Kat Mackinnon, and Nicholas Schnell. This six-hour intensive presents the clinical experiences of three herbalists regularly using low-dose botanicals in their practices, and explores the clinical use of plants that have a reputation for causing cumulative damage, requiring specific dilution, or have issues with misuse. Register to join us in-person on Monday or take advantage of the Online Symposium option to live-stream or access the recording. Attendance at this session is required to earn a Low Dose Botanicals in Clinical Practice Certificate. For details, click here.


CERTIFICATE TRACK: Low Dose Botanicals in Clinical Practice

Attend Symposium classes and the Post-Symposium Intensive to earn your certificate track in Low Dose Botanicals in Clinical Practice. Attend Symposium (in person or online) and the Post-Symposium Intensive (in person or online) to earn your certificate. Learn more about the Certificate Track here.



Can't join us in person? No worries. The Online Symposium gives you access to eight select classes accessible via livestream on Saturday and Sunday, or as recordings you may access for one year. Two Pre-Symposium Sessions and the Post-Symposium Intensive are also available livestreamed or as recordings, learn more here.



AHG does not confer CE credits to Symposium attendees, however, we are happy to supply you with a certificate of attendance that you may present to your licensing organization. Contact us for details.