2013 AHG Symposium Speaker Notes

The following handouts were authored and submitted by symposium speakers who have elected to participate by sharing their lecture notes.  

The recordings of the 2013 AHG Symposium are availible for purchase! Please go here for more information.

Prayer for the Great Family

Bergner, Paul- Chronic Fatigue
Brounstein, Howie - How to Teach a Plant Walk
Brounstein, Howie - Safety and Drop Dosage Botanicals
Caldecott, Todd - Breathing Free and Easy
Caldecott, Todd - Saṃsarjana krama
Dazey, Jenn - Merciful MRSA Management, and Treating Serious Infections
Donahue, Sean - Asthma and Emotional Healing
Donahue, Sean - Ghost Pipe- A Little Known Nervine
Fratellone, Patrick - Botanical Cardiovascular Medicine
Fratellone, Patrick - Botanicals and Arrhythmias
Green, Mindy - Aroma Herb Synergy
Green, Mindy - Aroma Herbalism for Women
Kleronomos, Chris - Herbs and Formulas for Chronic Pain
kieronomos, Chris - Herbal Interventions in Primary Care
Mandelbaum, Richard - Herbal Medicine and U.S. Law
Nagel, Glen - Song of the Willow
Niemeyer, Kathryn - Personalizing Western Herbal Medicine
Niemeyer, Kathryn - Western Herbal Medicine at the Intersection of
Science and Tradition
Sinadinos, Christa - Herbal Support for Hypothyroidism
Sinadinos, Christa - Top 10 Consultation Concerns
Khalsa, Karta Purkh Singh - Establishing and Managing a Successful
Holistic Clinic
Khalsa, Karta Purkh Singh - Herbal Treatment of Epilepsy and Migraine
Spelman, Kevin - Echinacea Update
Spelman. Kevin - Medicinal Plants for Malaria
Winston, David - Autism Spectrum Disorders and the Search for Answers
Winston, David - Botanical/Nutritional Protocols For Insomnia and
Other Sleep Disorders
Yance, Donnie - Insulin Resistance & Cancer: Un-tuning the major metabolic pathways in cancer therapies. Targeting Cancer’s Sweet Tooth. Assessment & Therapeutic Applications
Yarnell, Eric -  Vesicoureteral Reflux

Case Study - Chronic Pelvic Pain - Stage
Case Study - Hypothyroidism: Breast Cysts - Brounstein
Case Study - Irratiable Bowel Syndrome: PTSD - Linde
Case Study - Lyme's Disease - Harder Part One
Case Study - Lyme's Disease - Harder Part Two