Jim Duke Article Archive

In Memoriam: Jim Duke’s Lexicon: A Personal Tribute to My Teacher and His Way with Words

Promising Herbs and Phytochemicals for Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection. JAHG- Volume 14/Number 2/Autumn 2016

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Book Review of Donald R. Yance's Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism. JAHG- Volume 12/Number 1/Summer 2014

Neurogenesis: Nerve Growth or Regeneration with Herbs and Food Plants. JAHG- Volume 11/Number 2/Autumn 2013

Hypotriglyceridemics: Herbs and Foods Versus the Synthetic Silver Bullet. JAHG- Volume 11/Number 1/Winter 2012

Reductionist's Rant: Principles of Spice Therapy. JAHG- Volume 9/Number 2/Winter 2010

Jim Duke's Cuban Food Farmacy Trip. JAHG- Volume 10/Number 2/Autumn 2011

Reductionist's Rhetoric: Cinnamon vs Avandia. JAHG- Volume 7/Number 2/Summer 2007

Reductionist's Rhetoric: An Inflammatory Investigation of Antiinflammatory Activities. JAHG- Volume 6/Number1/Summer 2005

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Chamomile: Use in Pregnancy and Pediatrics. JAHG- Volume 5/Number 1/Spring/Summer 2004

X Marks the Spot: COX-2-I and XOI's. JAHG- Volume 4/Number 2/Autumn/Winter 2003

Of homo, mus and rattus. JAHG- Volume 4/Number 1/Spring/Summer 2003