The History and Symbolism of the AHG Logo

Around 31 years ago, James Green, a member of AHG's first executive board, volunteered to come up with the vision and creation of the first AHG logo. Green's daughter Ajana, only 16 at the time, created the original design and artwork. Ajana went on to illustrate Green's Medicine-Maker's Handbook.

AHG's logo has evolved over time, but the original vision has remained.

The symbols in our logo honor the arts, sciences, and crafts of our members, and the roots of our combined heritage.

  • The mortar and pestle represent the skill and alchemy of herbal medicine making and the teachings of our heritage.
  • The single serpent symbolizes the dynamic energy of the healer/practitioner.
  • The serpent evolving from the echinacea plant represents our Western herbal heritage and our stewardship of all plants indigenous to America.
  • The ginkgo plant in the mouth of the serpent symbolizes our embrace of Eastern herbal heritages and the healing energy of plants worldwide.
  • The circle intersecting the leaf of the echinacea plant symbolizes the unity and interdependence of the diversity of herbalists and our relationship with plant life.