Bulk Student Enrollment Program

What is the AHG Bulk Student Enrollment Program?

Our Bulk Student Enrollment Program, exclusively for Member Schools, makes offering students professional support easy and cost-effective.  Member Schools enjoy the benefit of enrolling their students in AHG membership for a discounted rate of only $40/year per student (for groups of 5 or more students), or $30 per year (for groups of 20 or more students!) instead of the standard AHG Student Membership of $60/year. It's a win-win for students and schools and a fabulus oportunity for your students to be a part of the AHG for up to HALF PRICE!

Why is it so beneficial to enroll your students in the AHG?

The American Herbalist Guild provides a wealth of resources to your students that they can use to supplement their herbal education and enhance their vocational paths. The AHG offers students tools for vocational empowerment, whether they seek a Registered Herbalist Membership or Associate Membership upon graduation from your program. Membership in AHG also connects your students to the vast herbal community around the country and the world. By offering AHG enrollment to your students, you will give them the tools to continue on their path as an herbalist even after graduating from your program.

By supplementing your herbal programming with student AHG Membership, your students will benefit from valuable AHG Resources :

  • Access to the Journal of the American Herbalists Guild
  • Access to supplementary digital educational archives
  • Ability to view AHG Free Monthly Webinars anytime
  • Discounts to AHG Webinar Intensives
  • Discounts to the AHG Annual Symposium
  • Guidance on becoming a Registered Herbalist (RH)
  • Involvement in regional AHG chapters
How can member schools utilize the AHG resources for the classroom?

AHG provides members with regulatory and best practices guidelines, a plethora of educational materials, and hundreds of hours of audiovisual webinars and lectures that can be used by your member students as supplementary items for your curriculum, research projects, and classroom enrichment. By participating in our Student Enrollment Program, you will be able to fully utilize this massive body of trusted information to enhance your student’s herbal education.

How do schools manage the expense of the Student Membership Program? 
  • Some schools modify their tuition slightly, rolling in the modest cost of discounted AHG Student Membership.
  • Other schools promote the Student AHG Membership as a valuable benefit students receive from attending their herb school.
  • Some schools gift their students a membership after enrollment or completion of a phase of the curriculum to help foster their progress as an herbalist.


Sign us up! How do I take advantage of the Bulk Student Enrollment Program?
  • Contact us at office@americanherbalistsguild.com with a list of student names, emails and phone numbers.
  • We will email you a bulk invoice for all your students.
  • Each student will receive a welcome email when their enrollment is complete.
  • Once everyone is enrolled, we will reach out to you with confirmation.