Institutional Members

AHG is grateful for the many supporters who believe in and support our mission. Please take a moment to click on the links below to learn more about these supportive companies and organizations. AHG does not specifically endorse the products of the below companies.


Canadian Herbalist Association of BC

The Canadian Herbalist Association of British Columbia is an Organization of Herbal Practitioners and Enthusiasts Founded in 1973 to Provide Leadership and Direction for Herbal Medicine in the 21st Century.The purpose and goals of the Canadian Herbalist’s Association of BC is to:Monitor and maintain the educational qualifications and the practice of ethical Herbal Practitioners.Strive to promote better health with herbs.Advance the understanding and knowledge of the practice of Herbalism.Aim to increase the acceptance of herbal medicine through public awareness and the cultivation of research in the field of herbal medicine.Provide a collective voice for all herbal practitioners at the government level.The CHA of BC also works to unite herbal professionals worldwide; assisting in the protection of the character and status of all herbalists.

P.O. Box 8326
Victoria, BC, V8W 3R9


Cedar Bear Naturales Inc

Our Mission! In everything we do, we seek to find an innovative and efficient method to bring Herbal Extracts and Iodine to the world. We believe in thinking differently and finding solutions by creating great tasting herbal extracts that are simple to use and work effectively! Our Motto! "We have a Herb for that!"™ Our Core Values! Integrity - Caring - Innovative - Passionate All Cedar Bear Naturales™ Standard, Children's, Pets and Equine products are great tasting, potent, effective, non-toxic, and totally 100% alcohol-free, (and they're sugar-free, dairy-free, nut-free, GMO-free, and gluten-free) from start to finish. We are dedicated to bringing quality liquid herbal supplements to your life.

Phone: 4357222147

Elements of Healing LLC

Elements of Healing LLC in Portsmouth, Virginia opened for business on October 24, 2016. This home-based company makes herbal products by hand with undivided attention and love.

Elements of Healing LLC has serviced the local Hampton Roads, Virginia area and provided shipping services for customers who reside in states such as North Carolina, Delaware, and Georgia. Today, the company serves individuals nationwide.

Phone: 757-951-7155
3729 King St.
Portsmouth, VA, 23707
United States


Forest & Meadow Herbal Shop and Clinic

Forest & Meadow is a modern day herbal apothecary and wellness clinic in St. Louis, MO. We carry over 250 organic, ethically wildcrafted, and naturally farmed bulk herbs and spices, as well as a variety of herbal teas, extracts, syrups, salves, bitters, tonics, bath soaks, essential oils, and more, all expertly formulated by clinically trained herbalists and handcrafted in house to support your health, well-being, and vitality. In our clinic we offer herbal medicine consultations, Maya abdominal therapy, fertility awareness method education, natural fertility support, navel cupping and moxibustion, massage therapy, lymphatic drainage, craniosacral therapy, Feldenkrais lessons, and acupuncture.

Phone: 314-553-9777
3228 Ivanhoe Ave
Saint Louis, MO, 63139
United States

Handmade Naturals Inc

Holistic, herbalist inspired body care and metaphysical shop, where the earth meets spirituality.  Carefully curated collections of plant based skincare and healing crystals to harmonize your body, mind and spirit.  Elevate your self-care and well-being rituals and embrace the transformative power of nature.

Phone: 2087181700
111 N 7th St Ste 1228
Coeur D Alene, ID, 83814
United States


Lloyd Library and Museum

The Library holds, acquires, preserves, and provides access to both historic and current books and journals, as well as archival materials, on a wide variety of disciplines: natural history, botany, pharmacy, medicine, scientific history, and visual arts. Lloyd's resources are in fact an eclectic blend of a host of related sciences. Despite the scientific focus, the collections have relevance to the humanities, such as visual arts and foreign languages through resources that feature botanical illustrations, original artworks, and travel literature. While the Lloyd Library is not a publicly funded institution, it is open to any and all persons interested in using the Lloyd's research collections, as well as to those interested in current Lloyd art and collections exhibits.

Phone: (513) 721-3707
917 Plum St
Cincinnati, OH, 45202
United States

Monterey Bay Herb Co

Monterey Bay Herb Co is a leading provider of herbs and botanicals at Our mission is to help small businesses win by sourcing the best quality herbs at competitive prices. We serve many herbalists and holistic wellness practitioners who appreciate our wide product range, high quality standards and helpful Customer Service Team (Ph 1800 500 6148)

Phone: 8585835932
241 Walker Street
Watsonville, CA, 95076
United States


National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA)

The National Ayurvedic Medical Association represents the Ayurvedic profession in the United States of America. Founded in 1998 and incorporated in 2000, the organization's purpose is to provide leadership within the Ayurvedic community and to promote a positive vision for Ayurveda and its holistic approach to health and wellness. Its mission includes preserving, improving, and promoting the science and practice of Ayurveda for the benefit of humanity.

Phone: (800) 669-8914


Ontario Herbalists Association

The Ontario Herbalist Association is  the provincial body mandated to oversee the educational standards practice and  continuing development of herbalism in the province of Ontario. It’s aims & goals are to:

To preserve herbalism's diversity in all it’s ethnic, cultural and philosophical traditions;
To promote public awareness of herbalists and herbalism;
To establish self-regulation and standards of education and training, codes of ethics and practice, and certification for professional herbalists practicing in Ontario;
To disseminate a deep knowledge base of herbal medicine through promotional and educational materials;
To enhance communication among herbalists and herbal enthusiasts;
To represent herb enthusiasts and professional herbalists in negotiations with government regulatory bodies;
To teach awareness and protection of medicinal plant species;
To support ethical research in herbal medicine;
To provide leadership and direction for herbalism in the 21st Century

Phone: 416-236-0090
P.O. Box 123 Station D
Etobicoke, ON, M9A 4X2


Soar Payments

Soar Payments specializes in providing retail and eCommerce merchant accounts to businesses in the nutraceuticals, herbal products, and dietary supplements industry.

Phone: 8882259405
21 Waterway Ave, Suite 300
The Woodlands, TX, 77380
United States