AHG Committees

Various Committees composed of AHG members and Board Members work with the AHG Board of Directors and the AHG Office to assure that our organizational mission is being met and that our plans are implemented.

The Executive Director is an ex officio member of all Committees.

Board Committees

Executive Board Committee

The Executive Board Committee is composed only of AHG Board Officers, including the Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary & Treasurer. This Committee meets on ongoing AHG business, and has special responsibilities and authority above all Committees. The Executive Board Committee can act on behalf of the Board, and facilitates decision making between Board meetings or in urgent and crisis situations. 
Chair: Keren Dolan

Governance Board Committee

The Governance Board Committee is responsible for overseeing Board development including orientation, training and evaluation of Board members . This Committee also oversees the election process , recruitment of new potential council members, and assures that officers are appointed annually . We maintain awareness that the Mission, Vision and Values are current and bylaws are to date. Our Committee advises on development of Policy and Procedure bringing clarity to decision making process and organizational operations including best practices pertaining to doc and record retention, Committee structure, fundraising, financial reporting, human resources, employee benefits and compensations and strategic vision planning.

Finance Board Committee

The Finance Board Committee is responsible for reviewing all financial documents and supporting the Executive and Assistant Directors in compiling relevant strategies and information to best serve our organization.
Chair: Tenby Owens

Advisory Committees

Admissions Review Advisory Committee

The Admissions Review Advisory Committee reviews applications for Registered Herbalist Members, RH(AHG). This ensures a core level of knowledge and experience in the practice of botanical medicine that reflects a meaningful standard to herbalists themselves, the advisory committee, to the general public, and to other health professionals and institutions. This Committee is open to only RH members in good standing fitting the criteria established by the BOD, serving appointments by the Board  in 1, 2, and 3-year terms.
Coordinator: Patricia Kyritsi Howell
Chair: Bevin Clare

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Committee (DEI)

The goal of the DEI Advisory Committee is to support the path of the AHG to be a vibrant, racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse organization that is inclusive and reflective of the broad array of herbal communities throughout the United States.
Committee Goals:
1. Promote internal awareness and consensus for our work and goals (within existing membership)
2. Identify key individuals, organizations, and communities to reach out to for initial dialogue.
3. Identify opportunities for dialogue (Symposium, other community / herbal events)
4. Create DEI resources and outline long term goals in supporting a diverse community
4. Help support and create initiatives for council and member conversations and training in diversity.

Education Advisory Committee

The Education Advisory Committee is responsible for advising on the development and maintenance of inclusive and up - to - date educational resources including website content, webinars, and mentorship materials. Our Committee is interested in building relationships with herbal educational facilities (including  schools, farms, informal internship programs, and individual herbalists) to ensure standards are reflective of the views of our members. The Education Advisory Committee is charged with reviewing, evaluating, elucidating and clarifying  procedures for interested individuals to move forward with clear direction to help fulfill the requirements for becoming a Registered Herbalist.

Ethics Review Advisory Committee

The Ethics Review Advisory Committee  evaluates complaints  regarding violations and transgressions to the AHG Code of Ethics. This Committee works with the AHG office and Board to investigate and resolve complaints. The Ethics Review Advisory Committee has a core of 2 current Board members, and appoints additional investigators when a complaint is submitted who are RH Members in good standing or current Board Members with relevant experience to the complaint or issue at hand.

Membership Advisory Committee

The Membership Advisory Committee members work to create strategies to attract, retain, and engage membership. This may include campaigns and partnerships with other Committees to enhance or feature existing members, conduct surveys, and expand benefits.

The Membership Advisory Committee also works to maintain the mission of the organization within the membership, and is mindful of diversity, equity, and inclusion to ensure our membership and outreach is representative of our diverse and vibrant community.