2024 AHG Programming

2024 AHG Symposium in Black Mountain, North Carolina

Get ready for an incredible experience at the 35th Annual AHG Symposium, happening from October 4th to 7th, 2024, at the stunning YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, NC!
Whether you attend in person or join us through our live-streamed sessions or recordings, you'll have access to a range of captivating classes. Expect inspiring herb walks to acquaint you with the local Appalachian flora. Additionally, we have dedicated tracks exploring the latest research in roots and the practical applications of medicinal mushrooms in clinical practice.


More information will be announced in the Spring!

The Journal of the American Herbalists Guild

For over 20 years, the Journal of the American Herbalist Guild (JAHG) has presented cutting-edge, peer-reviewed articles on a variety of topics including advanced therapeutics, materia medica, ethnobotany, and the history of notable figures and traditional practices as they relate to contemporary herbalism. Held to the highest standard of publication and reviewed by a seasoned board of practitioners, the JAHG is the premiere periodical for professional clinical herbalists. The Journal also features book reviews, interviews and featured stories on herbalism-related activism and community-based projects, as well as articles reflecting on the culture of herbalism and cultural competency for practitioners. The Journal is published twice yearly with a complimentary digital subscription available to all AHG members and print and affordable digital subscriptions available to the broader herbal community.

Herbal Study Hall Educational Intensives & Free Public Webinars

Thousands participate each year in our educational webinar series taught by a variety of leading herbal practitioners. Our webinars provide up-to-date clinical resources and have earned a reputation as the standard  for cutting-edge, reliable herbal information. Our webinar program includes archives of nearly 700webinars and ongoing live sessions that are free and open to the public, with recordings available exclusively to AHG members. Our extensive, easy-to-browse archives for members, in combination with our ongoing monthly offerings for the public, make AHG webinars our most popular programming.


Weaving the Web Campaign: Achieving the Vision for AHG's New Website!

The AHG staff has kickstarted roadmapping sessions for our upcoming website. We are thrilled to inform you that we have found a skilled developer and are eager to get started soon. However, we need your support to turn this vision into reality. We invite the AHG community to join us in this exciting endeavor. Together, let's raise the necessary funds and empower the AHG to make a significant impact. Your contribution, no matter the amount, will go a long way in shaping the future of AHG's digital presence. Learn more & donate

AHG Chapters

There are currently nearly 20 AHG chapters nationwide, including those focused on a myriad of special interests within the clinical herbalist community. AHG chapter groups play a vital role in their communities to promote herbal education, community partnerships, and accessible healthcare through lectures, free clinics, field trips, sponsored seminars, and networking among herbalists.

Year-Round Online Meetups

The AHG is proud to host monthly online gatherings focused on a diverse array of subjects including AHG chapters, the AHG BIPOC community, case presentations, round tables, and business forums.  There is even a group for Botanical Sanctuary Dreamers. We are excited to continue holding this virtual space for conversations and cross-pollination among herbalists all over the world. The AHG Online Meetups have become a robust platform for developing and growing connections among the national and international herbalist community.

AHG Scholarship Program

The AHG grants over 100 full scholarships for those seeking AHG membership, with a priority given to BIPOC members of our community and those in financial need. This supports our mission and vision of strengthening our AHG member base to reflect the diversity of the overall herbal community. The AHG Scholarship Program improves access to educational resources and makesAHG membership more accessible by including scholarship funding for webinar events, Symposium attendance, and annual membership.

Associate Membership Launch

In early 2022, the AHG launched its newest membership category, Associate Membership. The Associate Member distinction recognizes and brings together professionals from many different vocations who may be trained herbalists. Inclusive of herbalists who grow or harvest herbs, manufacture herbal products, teach or research herbalism, see clients, or practice in other facets of the broad herbal field, Associate Membership acknowledges that herbalism takes many different forms. Documentation of one’s herbal training and experience (totaling at least 500 hours) is the core of the Associate Membership application.

Member Connection: Monthly Member Newsletter

The freshly updated Member Connection Newsletter is sent to our members at the beginning of each month. The Member Connection Newsletter keeps our members informed of new membership benefits and spotlights stories of community members who are making a difference in the field of herbalism. This monthly release also includes the latest from ourDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) page, as well as any membership promotions, special offers, and upcoming events.

Education Anthology

All AHG Member Herb Schools are invited to submit one original educational handout on any herbal topic from their course offerings for our fundraising project, the AHG Educational Anthology: A Compilation of Our Member Herb Schools’ Favorite Handouts.

This binennial project is a wonderful, unique opportunity for our member herb schools to be featured and to share their contributions. This material exemplifies the strengths of each school, representing the best of what makes them a standout in the herbal education realm. All submissions will be compiled into a digital booklet available for purchase for a nominal/sliding scale fee. We will begin accepting submissions in 2025. 

School Directory Revisions

The AHG Member School Directory is the most frequently visited page in the AHG website. The updates to the public-facing directory include a new format which will allow students to easily compare training offered by schools. Member schools will now have an easier way to share the main advantages of their particular offerings, allowing prospective students to quickly compare and contrast schools to find the right fit for them.

Becoming an RH

The Registered Herbalist (RH) credential is an acclaimed and widely recognized credential that may be acquired through rigorous study in a variety of aspects of herbalism and clinical practice. Applications may be submitted digitally through the AHG website at the applicant’s own pace. Part One of the application is available on the website and can be submitted at any time throughout the year. Once Part One has been reviewed and accepted, the applicant will receive Part Two directly from the Admissions Coordinator. Part Two is submitted along with the application fee to begin the review process. The review process occurs three times yearly: March 15, July 15, and November 15. Applications are vetted by a peer-review Admission Advisory Committee. View our 'WHY RH' brochure here.

Practitioner and Mentorship Tools

The RH credential is a recognition that is central to the work of the AHG. The WhyRH campaign is intended to inform the public about the work of Registered Herbalists and to provide Registered Herbalists with useful tools for their practice. WhyRH offerings include a Best Practices style guide for using the RH credential, a Best Practices manual for practitioners to use during the pandemic, and a forthcoming WhyRH brochure which RHs can use as outreach in their own practice. Other projects in the works include the Practitioner Language Best Practices Guide, which is coming together to help professional herbalists protect their liability by avoiding red flags in their communication, such as medical terms and prohibited claims. AHG Committees are actively assembling practitioner and mentorship toolkits that will include RH-specific advice on: identifying insurance needs, maintaining client files, using informed consent with clients, and the importance of maintaining affiliation with professional organization(s).

DEI Initiatives

We are proud to unveil a brand new section of our website dedicated to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives and resources. Throughout these pages, the public can learn about the members of the AHG DEI Advisory Committee, locate AHG DEI goals and accomplishments, and find a wealthof free resources. The AHG provides free DEI resources both from ourarchives which include JAHG articles, AHG webinars, and AHG Symposium recordings, as well as recommended DEI Community Resources, which are gathered by the AHG DEI Advisory Committee and updated regularly.

Also housed in this area of our website is the growing AHG Community Connections Article Archive, which contains thought-provoking articles submitted monthly by expert members of the AHG DEI Advisory Committee. We value your input! Members of the public can also use this section of the website to anonymously suggest initiatives with a focus on DEI, suggest resources for the Community Resources section, and share other feedback with the AHG.