Weaving the Web: A Fundraising Campaign to Support AHG’s Technology Ecosystem


AHG Online

Over the last few years, the AHG has responded to the needs of the herbal community by transforming its online presence to meet the demands of herbalists around the globe. AHG’s digital response to the pandemic years has been robust. Community Zoom meetups, the Herbal Study Hall, closed caption webinar events, a digital journal, free public monthly webinars, online access for Symposium programming, and a dense library of members-only content are just a few of the ways in which we engage digitally with herbalists. Implementing all these new essential tools has placed an increased burden upon the AHG budget. 
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Why $35,000?

It has been increasingly difficult to balance these priorities of outreach and community connection with the ever-increasing costs of technology. Today we are confronted with a $35,000 quote to upgrade the AHG website technology platform. It is our hope that accomplishing these critical upgrades will allow us to envision even more new ways through which to deliver online tools to the herbal community and improve accessibility to AHG member benefits. The necessity of this critical platform upgrade is urgent. It will not happen without your help. Only your support will enable us to continue to expand on providing these incredible state-of-the-art resources to the herbal community.

We Need Your Support

We need your support to ensure that our technology ecosystem is centralized and integrated within our budget. We are bringing web content/programming and webinars to the forefront, improving accessibility/usability of herbal information across the globe, and building community among herbalists around the world. We are committed to keeping our online components cutting-edge, delivering increased programming, and furthering a robust digital community.
A state-of-the-art herbal technology ecosystem fills a much-needed gap, allowing AHG to carry herbal legacies forward. This is the future of herbalism.

Act Now!

Your donation directly impacts our ability to engage with a diverse audience and act as a clearinghouse for accurate herbal information. All funds raised through this campaign will go into a dedicated account for the sole purpose of redesigning the ways in which our technology can support the AHG mission. 

With the help of our community, we can build a more connected tomorrow. With 100% participation at only $37 per member our goal will be reached!

Not a member? Member or not, thousands of individuals utilize our AHG online resources. We welcome your donation, so we may continue to offer online public resources for the advancement of the whole herbal community.

Should I be a donor or a sponsor?

We need your support as a donor just as much as we need your sponsorship. Don't hesitate to reach out to us today for customized guidance regarding your support. Your donation to the capital campaign is essential to ensuring the future of the AHG digital ecosystem. And your sponsorship comes with a different range of AHG benefits as a gesture of our appreciation. Support both and you will receive the whole array of AHG benefits we have to offer!

Want custom guidance? We’re here to advise! Reach out to office@americanherbalistsguild.com.