AHG Issues COVID-19 Best Practice Guidelines for Herbalists

April 13, 2020

Several AHG Practitioners have collaborated on a document of Best Practice Guidelines for Herbalists as a way to provide guidance and safety measures for herbalists.

Access: American Herbalists Guild Responds to COVID-19. Guidelines and Recommendations for Herbalists 

As a health-focused professional organization, the AHG is committed to supporting the herbal community through this pandemic. The AHG is closely monitoring the quickly changing COVID-19 pandemic and constantly updating the ​COVID-19 Resources​ page with public health recommendations, general information, potential TCM and western herbal approaches, and helpful material for mental health and families.

Access: AHG COVID-19 Resources for Herbalists

We are grateful that AHG members are committed to rigorous protocols to ensure the safety of our communities and clients. AHG will strive to continually listen to herbal practitioners as well as medical colleagues in order to continually update our best standards of practice. As this crisis evolves daily, we value your feedback and information about how you are supporting your community as a professional clinical herbalist.

Within the context of COVID-19, our mission is to widely promote credible information regarding safe and effective herbal strategies, integrate and collaborate with conventional medical practices, dispel myths, claims, and false facts about alternative therapeutics, and sustain and encourage the herbal community at large.