AHG Webinars for Herbalists

Expand your knowledge with AHG Webinars for Herbalists!

The American Herbalists Guild is happy to offer monthly webinars that are free and open to the public as part of our mission of service and advancing the community spirit of herbal education.
Through sharing these important educational offerings at no cost, we are putting into practice our belief in herbalism for all. If you enjoy our free content, you'll love diving deeper into our comprehensive webinar archives comprising decades of clinical and everyday wisdom from superstars in the herbal field.


Webinar Archives for AHG Members

Intrigued and want more? Consider an AHG membership to be superfood for your herbal education experience. AHG membership is the best way to enjoy easy access to a wealth of insight via webinar archives and a multitude of other membership benefits.
Interested in forging further into your educational journey? Recordings from our free webinars are archived and are accessible exclusively to AHG members anytime. Join the American Herbalists Guild now to benefit from these important educational offerings on your own timeline.


AHG Herbal Study Hall: Webinar Intensives 

AHG Webinar Intensives for Herbalists offer an additional opportunity to dive in and develop your clinical skills and knowledge while learning from some of the best and brightest teachers in the field of herbalism. Level up your in-depth understanding of herbal medicine with Webinar Intensives for Herbalists. Click here to check out our Herbal Study Hall, where you can purchase upcoming Webinar Intensives and purchase recordings of past Webinar Intensives. 


Free Webinar Archive

Interested in more high-quality free herbal content? If you'd like to sample our webinars, we are pleased to offer a free public webinar archive. You can check out our upcoming free Webinars for Herbalists here.


Webinar Membership Benefits vs. Non-Members

AHG members have access to these plus over seven years of comprehensive webinar archives, including the live and recorded monthly webinars. The recording is typically available the day after the webinar. Members receive $50 off Webinar Intensives for Herbalists when they register for these using their member discount code.
Non-AHG members have access to the public sampling of webinar archives and the live monthly free webinar, but no recordings (unless it is selected to be added to the free public archive). Non-members pay full price for Webinar Intensives for Herbalists.


Webinar Technical Details

Our live webinars are hosted on Zoom, a reliable cloud platform for both mobile devices and desktops. If you have any questions or technical issues, please email Michele Marlow, our webinar assistant.

The American Herbalists Guild would like to thank Mary Colvin for the many volunteer hours she has spent over the years helping us to find presenters for our free Webinars for Herbalists. Mary, the AHG staff thanks you, our members thank you, and our herbal community appreciates your efforts so much.

If you have input on topics or presenters you would like to see in future webinars, please email us.

Disclaimer: The views, information, and/or opinions expressed during these webinars are solely those of the presenter involved and do not necessarily represent those of the American Herbalists Guild. The American Herbalists Guild is not responsible, and does not verify for accuracy, any of the information contained in these webinars. The primary purpose of these webinars is to educate and inform.  These webinars do not replace the need for medical or other professional advice or services.