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Associate Member: this membership level is open to anyone who has completed two years of herbal training or is working in the field of herbalism (approximately five hours a week). This category is designed for herbalists seeking recognition through their experience and study. This membership provides networking opportunities, though it does not constitute a formal credential. Please click here for information on how to submit documentation for Associate membership. $100 annual dues

Are you 65 or older and interested in our senior discount? Please email office@americanherbalistsguild.com to inquire about the discount code (individual memberships only).

All of our Associate members receive all General member benefits PLUS:

  •  Recognition of your professional specialty via our exclusive member website directory
  • Networking opportunities and roundtables specific to Associate members (upcoming meetups for Associate members include business development and clinical roundtables)
  • Associate member badge 
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The American Herbalists Guild designed the Code of Ethics to ensure a standard of excellence and accountability among its members. Click here to read or download.

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