Solidarity Initiatives: Key Goals for the AHG Moving Forward

The American Herbalists Guild (AHG) stands in solidarity with our herbal community in opposition to institutional racism and discrimination. Combating structural racism and injustice is a task that institutions and individuals must both take on simultaneously. As an organization we are committed to the conversations and actions needed to bring about much-needed change and equity. We also acknowledge and take ownership of our own imperfections and past mistakes as we strive to learn more, improve inclusivity, and chart the path forward.

It is that commitment and work that has brought forth this resource initiative from the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee of the AHG. We feel a strong responsibility to go beyond talking about diversity, equity, and inclusion to creating meaningful change within our herbal community and our organization as a whole. Below you will find more information about our Committee, initiatives we have in progress, accomplishments, goals, committee updates, and Community Resources.

Be sure to come back soon to check on our progress and to find new resources as we plan to add to and change these often.



  • AHG worked with Diversity Consultants to review our work, community initiatives and process, to help us better address systemic issues within the herbal community and create more equitable models
  • AHG hosted a focus group with key members of the herbal and BIPOC community on AHG Diversity issues
  • AHG standardized gender neutral language which was passed in updated bylaws
  • AHG increased diversity in webinars 
  • AHG hosted Trauma Informed Herbalism Theme at Symposium, with a focus on solidarity medicine
  • AHG supported the expansion of Symposium presenter selection rubric for more diverse selection criteria
  • AHG supported updating RH Admissions process to better reflect equitable model
  • AHG created diversity goal requirements within committee annual work plans and reporting
  • AHG implemented a restorative justice process for ethics and organizational advancement
  • AHG developed initial resources on diversity, equity, and inclusion for our community
  • AHG supported the office creating additional scholarships for Symposium, webinars, and AHG Membership
  • AHG supported the Board in all possible ways to increase diversity on the Board of Directors


  • AHG is continuing to support the office creating more ongoing scholarship opportunities
  • AHG is continuing to support the update of the RH Admissions process to a more equitable and peer reviewed model
  • AHG is working to implement Committee Chairs attending one DEI Committee Meeting per year
  • AHG is implementing Chapter Officers attending one DEI Committee Meeting per year
  • AHG is focusing on diverse traditions and herbal perspectives monthly or quarterly in the AHG Newsletter
  • AHG is supporting diversity goals via Symposium and webinar presenters and topics
  • AHG is increasing Board diversity over time
  • AHG is building closed caption resources and library
  • AHG is hosting free public meetups for BIPOC herbalists



  • AHG will schedule additional training over time for the BoD, Committees, and others on equity, diversity, and systemic bias, and the impact of that on herbal practice and those we serve
  • AHG will host conversations or hangouts for AHG members on key DEI topics surrounding equity in the herbal community
  • AHG will feature global practices and traditional perspectives in AHG materials
  • AHG will support the expansion of scholarships and programs to support access to the AHG in the herbal community
  • AHG will support adding closed captioning resources to webinars


Use this form to share diversity, equity, and inclusion resources and recommendations with the AHG. We realize DEI does not work in a vacuum, and so we have also included a way to reach out to us. If you have suggestions for initiatives with a focus on diversity, inclusion or equity or would like to see a resource added to this page, please use the "Share Your Ideas" form here.