Registered Herbalists

This listing is for practitioners who have met the criteria for Registered Herbalist in the American Herbalists Guild. The information listed is provided by the practitioner and is not reviewed, evaluated or endorsed in any way by the AHG.

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Althea Northage-Orr , AC

The Chicago Center for Psychophysical healing

Personal Consultations; Classes/Lecturing

Phone: 773.764.0960
1622 West Devon
Chicago, IL, 60660
United States

Aisha Nouh , ND, RH (AHG)

Herbal Education Resource

Women's Health, Pediatrics, Digestive Health, Chronic Disease Management

*Slicing Scale Virtual Visits Available for California Residents*

Phone: 818.384.1479

Jennifer O'Hagan , CMT, RH (AHG)

Woodland Naturals Inc

Traditional Herbalist, Abdominal Therapy Practitioner and Educator for the Abdominal Therapy Collective Inc., Personal Consultations/Clinic, Holistic Health Care Classes and Retreats, Spiritual Bathing

Phone: 908-268-0393
206 Kerrs Corner Rd
Blairstown, NJ, 07825
United States

Olatokunboh Obasi , CNS, MSc, RH (AHG)

Well of Indigenous Wisdom

All dis-ease states, Nutrition and Food; Teacher, Consultant, some areas of enjoyed focus: Women's Health: reproductive, thyroid, fertility, hormonal imbalances; Mental Health: depression, focus, anxiety; Education: clinical, mentoring, consulting social justice topics affecting POC; Spiritual Health: African based spirituality education and practice, Teas

Phone: 7879883922
265 Shady Ridge Dr
Monroeville, PA, 15146
United States

Donna H Odierna , RH (AHG)

Western Herbalist, Researcher, Certified IRB Professional

Phone: 510-000-0000

Dr. David Olarsch , ND, RH (AHG)

Institute for Naturopathic Health

Naturopathic Medicine, Iridology

Phone: 603-536-4888

Lisa Olson , RH (AHG)

Clinical Herbalist and Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Yoga Instructor, Ayurvedic Bodyworker, Grower, Product Maker, Teacher, Writer

Phone: 8023765275
665 Rogers Rd
Randolph Ctr, VT, 05061
United States

Tenby Owens , MS, RH (AHG)

Ariel Botanical Company

Therapeutic herbal formulas for dogs, cats and ruminants

Phone: 218-343-2543
P. O. Box 67
Hawthorne, WI, 54842
United States

Tobi Panter , RH (AHG)

Hummingbird Healing

Personal Consultations, writer.

Phone: 250.715.4030
775 Arbutus Avenue
Duncan, BC, V9L 5X5

Kay Parent

Western Herbalist; Personal Consultations/Clinic; Mentoring for herbal practitioners

Phone: 401.849.7068
38 Weaver Avenue
Newport, RI, 02840
United States