New Member Category Launch: Associate Member

January 21, 2022

Asheville, NC. The American Herbalists Guild (AHG) announces the official launch of its newest membership category, Associate membership. The Associate member distinction recognizes and brings together professionals from many different vocations who may be trained herbalists.

Inclusive of herbalists who grow or harvest herbs, manufacture herbal products, teach or research herbalism, see clients, or practice in other facets of the broad herbal field, Associate membership acknowledges that herbalism takes many different forms. AHG membership categories now include General member, Associate member, Registered Herbalist member, School member, and Institutional/Business member.

Please note, the Associate membership is not a credential. Although Associate members are asked to submit minimal evidence of their work and study, this membership category is not peer-reviewed for educational and clinical practice standards. The Registered Herbalist credential continues to represent the highest AHG standard of competency in botanical medicine. While the Associate membership may function as a stepping stone to the Registered Herbalist membership, it stands alone as an intermediary category with opportunities for networking, round tables and business development.

Uniting many disparate paths under the umbrella of a dedicated commitment to herbalism, Associate members may include:
Intermediate-level clinicians (who haven’t yet completed the clinical hours required for Registered Herbalist RH membership)
Career herbalists who aren’t clinicians
Practitioners in other fields related to clinical herbalism and allied health providers with herbal training
Students graduating from herbal schools across the country who fit into this designated membership category that reflects their years of hard work, dedication, and study in herbalism
Those who have been working in the herbal field for some time and have made significant contributions to the field of herbalism

Associate members enjoy all the general AHG member benefits — including webinar access, valuable discounts, Journal of the American Herbalists Guild archives and voting privileges — as well as several which are exclusive. Associate members have access to special networking opportunities, herbal roundtables, and a site directory specific to them. For a detailed breakdown of the various membership benefits by category, go here.

Documentation of one’s herbal training and experience (totaling at least 500 hours) is the core of the Associate membership application. Prospective Associate members must also acknowledge a statement of ethics and complete an application documenting their herbal education.

To learn more about who qualifies for Associate membership, please review our FAQ here. To learn more how to become an Associate member, please review the information here.