Nominations Open for the AHG Award for Notable Work Supporting Diversity, Equity, and Justice in Herbalism

The AHG Award for Notable Work Supporting Diversity, Equity, and Justice in Herbalism is an annual award from the American Herbalists Guild to recognize outstanding accomplishments in herbal medicine that address health care needs, and strengthen herbal traditions, heritage, and wisdom within diverse communities.  Above all, this award recognizes communities speaking with their own voices and on their own behalf.

This is an open invitation to the AHG and broader herbal community to nominate candidates for the award. The recipient(s) are to be honored at our annual symposium in October 2019. The recipient will be given a cash award to be used to further their work. Read more about the 2018 recipient here.

Appropriate candidates for the award are making outstanding and ongoing contributions in one or more of the following areas:

● Community-rooted initiatives that support the practice of herbalism within historically marginalized or oppressed  groups, including (but not limited to) race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, diverse physical and psychological capabilities, or any under-represented cultural or religious groups.
● Actively serving, empowering, and otherwise building the capacity of marginalized and oppressed groups as described above, including offering clinical services and honoring the traditions and skills of these groups.
● Increasing  individual and collective awareness of the wisdom, skills, and traditions contributed by historically marginalized and oppressed groups to the practice of herbalism.

• You can nominate yourself, your group/project or another individual or group/project.
• Candidates may be an individual, organization, institution, or other entity.
• Candidates do not have to be members of the AHG.

To Nominate a Candidate: Please send their name, description of the work being done, and an explanation (in your own words) of why you believe this person, project or group should be considered for the award. If possible provide links to any websites that describe the service they are providing. Be sure to include your name and contact information. Send nominations by June 15, 2019 to:

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