Past Locations of the American Herbalists Guild Annual Symposia

Symposia History:

1st Annual: 1990. The Lloyd Library, Cincinnati, OH

2nd Annual: Herbalism - A Focus on Ecological Medicine May 31-June 6, 1991, Marriott Hotel, Boulder, CO

3rd Annual: May 1992, Mount Madonna, Watsonville, CA

4th Annual: Southwest Herbalism: A Growing Tradition August 27-29, 1993, Glorieta Baptist Retreat, NM

5th Annual: Contributions of Herbalism in American Health Care August 26-29, 1994, Buffalo Gap Camp for the Arts, Capon Bridge, WV

6th Annual: Rediscovering Our Roots Co-sponsored by Herb Fest August 18-20, 1995, Norway, IA

7th Annual: Envisioning a New Herbalism: Creating the Future. June 7-9, 1996, Boulder, CO

8th Annual: Integrating Herbal Medicine into American Health Care October 17-19, 1997, Cincinnati, OH

9th Annual: Clinical Herbalism - The Emerging Profession October 1-4, 1998, Seattle, WA

10th Annual: Back to the Future. August 4-8, 1999, Pocono, PA

11th Annual: Clinical Practice and Assessment Skills. October 20-22, 2000, Watsonville, CA

12th Annual: From Plants to Medicines: Honoring Our Relationship to Nature’s Pharmacy. November 9-11, 2001, Helen, GA

13th Annual: Comparative Medicine for Clinical Practice. October 11-13, 2002, Williams Bay, WI

14th Annual: Building Knowledge, Building Community. October 17-19, 2003, Albuquerque, NM

15th Annual: Herbal Medicine: Spirit and Science. October 8-10, 2004, Waterville Valley, NH

16th Annual: Treating Chronic Illness with Herbal Medicine. November 4-6, 2005, Portland, OR

17th Annual: Many Ways of Knowing: Evidence in Clinical Botanical Medicine. October 27-29, 2006, Boulder, CO

18th Annual: Beyond the Basics, Beyond the Books: Clinical Botanical Medicine in Real Life. October 26-28, 2007, Columbia, MD

19th Annual: Botanical Medicine in Oncology, Immunity, and Chronic Disease. October 24-26, 2008, Marriott Town Center; Redmond, WA.

20th Annual Oct 23-25, 2009: Herbal Medicine: New Possibilities for Primary Care: Hyatt Vineyard Creek, Santa Rosa, CA.  

21st Annual Oct 1-3, 2010 : The New American Herbalism: Exploring the Roots & Branches of our Herbal Heritage, Hyatt Regency; Austin, TX

22nd Annual Oct 21-23 2011: Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms can help save the world; Tradewinds Resort, Saint Petersburg, FL. 

23rd Annual: Synergy in Herbalism. The Herbs and the Herbalist. October 19-21, 2012. Seven Springs, PA. 

24th Annual: November 7th-10th, 2013 Celebrating the Abundance in Herbalism. River House, Bend, OR. 

25th Annual: Anniversary Symposium and Founders Reunion. Mental Health Track. November 6th-10th, 2014 Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, GA. 

26th Annual: Chronic Disease and Herbal Therapies Track. October 15-19, 2015. Granby, Colorado. 

27th Annual: Connecting to Our Roots: Infectious Disease Track. September 29-October 5th, 2016. Seven Springs, PA. 

28th Annual: Herbalism in Action. Action Based Herbalism Track. 2017. Virtual Symposium Track. Silverton, Oregon. 

29th Annual: Bioregional Herbalism. Bioregional Materia Medica in Clinical Practice Track. 2018. Virtual Symposium Track. Helen, GA

30th Annual: From Plants to People: The Art and Science of Clinical Herbalism. 2019. Virtual Symposium Track. Bethesda, MD

31st Annual: Stories that Heal: Narrative Herbalism in Practice. 2020. Online Symposium Experience

32nd Annual: Trauma-Informed Herbalism in Practice. 2021. Online Symposium Experience

33rd Annual: Energetic Principles in Herbal Medicine. 2022. In-Person and Online Symposium Experiences. Bethesda, MD

34th Annual: Preserving Herbal Legacies. 2023. In-Person and Online Symposium Experiences. Granby, CO