Ren Minish, AHG Volunteer of the Year 2015

We celebrate the outstanding service of volunteer Ren Minish with The 2015 Volunteer of the Year Award.  The announcement was made at the AHG Annual Symposium in Colorado last October.

“The growth Ren exhibited during his two years with the AHG as an office intern is remarkable. He is willing and ready to assist in any way possible, and his eagerness and dedication are the reasons he was selected as volunteer of the year,” said Gloria Anders, AHG Administrative Assistant and Symposium Social Coordinator. Anders met Minish while attending the Appalachian School of Holistic Herbalism. His inspired commitment to herbal studies led to this internship invitation.

Minish found the award a pleasant, unexpected surprise. “I really enjoyed becoming closer with the women of AHG, just helping them do whatever they needed done for the day,” Minish said. He enjoyed helping to move the energy and making things easier for them.  Working at the annual Herbal Symposium, making contacts with vendors and learning the business of herbalism was valuable to him.

Inspiration drives Minish. His muse is fed by the people of his life, mentors guiding his direction, and through working at his local co-op where he personally connects with his community. And his private internal practice and study of mediation furthers it all. His favorite memory was spending time with Anders in the Adirondacks, camping and cooking for a class taught by 7Song, Director of the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine. 7Song did strike a chord and Minish was inspired to continue studying herbal first aid. Minish sees many paths for his herbalism career. “Growing herbs and vegetables are significant part of my life,” Minish said. “I’d eventually like to have my own business.” He aspires to grow herbs for his community to create a local source of herbs for his region. Minish prefers to be outside in nature and gardening. He lives on three-acre farm where he keeps a few goats.

Past Volunteer of the Year award recipients include Steven Horne in 2014 and David Winston in 2013. 

Many Thanks to Elizabeth Gilhuly for composing this interest piece for the AHG.