AHG Important Statement

The American Herbalists Guild is interested in and grateful for the many perspectives we have received concerning recent events. The editor of the JAHG publication is a contractor position and not an employee of the AHG. The views and opinions expressed by AHG contractors, employees, and board members on their personal blogs, publications, websites, and social media are solely their own and do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of the American Herbalists Guild as an entity.


The AHG is a nonprofit 501c3 organization whose mission is to support access to herbal medicine for all and advocate excellence in herbal education. We do not endorse any political party or candidate or take an official political stance on global politics nor does the AHG discriminate based on race, religion, sexual identity / orientation, or political affiliation. The AHG as an organization and its Governing Council were not aware of the Ancient Roots conference, nor of any perceived or implied endorsement of this event. Nor were we a part of any withdrawal or boycott. The actions by individuals associated with the AHG were made independent of consult by the organization.


The American Herbalists Guild is a community rooted in the healing arts. We are committed to inclusion and sharing values of diversity. We firmly believe in providing a welcoming, safe and respectful space for all people, including practitioners, students, and all who seek an herbalist’s support. We encourage viewpoints from all herbal backgrounds. We strive to support discourse that enables us to grow together, while acknowledging and approaching with humility the work we still need to do within our own circles.


Be assured the situation at hand has prompted an internal dialogue within the organization and its leadership, and a review of our social media policies and all perceived and implied endorsements by any employees, officers, contractors, and staff is a priority.