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In this section of our website we welcome the chance to publicize books that are written (or edited) by  members of the American Herbalists Guild (Past & Present). If you would like to add your book(s) to this page, please send the following items to

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Herbal Defense: Positioning Yourself to Triumph Over Illness and Aging
Robyn Landis & Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa 1997

With Herbal Defense, bestselling fitness author Royn Landis teams up with master herbalist Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, to offer a guide to herbal remedies for everyday ailments.

Herbal Formulas: 150 Proven Recipes For Radiant Health
Sharol Tilgner

Additional information can be found here:


What To Expect from Herbal Formulas

150 herbal remedies at your fingertips via electronic links for 175 of the most common conditions.

-Learn to make your own formulas or use the encyclopedia of 150 formulas provided by Dr. Tilgner until you gain skill at making formulas on your own.
-Dr. Tilgner shares her time tested formulas from 35 years of clinical experience, seeing what worked for thousands of customers during her ownership of the herbal manufacturing company Wise Woman Herbals.
-Learn to use organizational tools for making formulas.
-Gain skills in formulating for individuals, formulating for organ support or body systems and targeting health conditions.
-Learn how herbs interact with each other in formulas.
-Each formula includes actions and indications as well as dosage. Dosing for different types of preparations are given for a formula when needed. For example there might be both a dosage for tea and tincture or for both acute and chronic conditions.
-Each formula has specific details on why each herb is included in the formula as well as contraindications and adjunct or additional therapies to make the practitioner's day a little easier.
-105 Properties and Actions are included with many herbal examples to help the novice formulator look up the specific herbal attributes needed for the formula they are concocting.
-72 color photos of  herbs are also provided. (Not all e-readers will show the photos in color

Herbal Formulation Guide and Recipes: Heart of Herbs Herbal School Herbal Guides
Demetria Clark

Ever wonder how herbal medicine is made? Want to learn how? This book gives step-by-step instructions in an easy-to-follow format so you can have fun and make all your favorite herbal products. Now is your time, have fun and make herbal products for those you love.

Demetria Clark has taught students to make herbal medicine for almost 30 years and get the trade recipes, tips, and tricks. She is the Director of Heart of Herbs Herbal School,

June 2022

Herbal Healing for Children
Demetria Clark

Demetria Clark provides parents with safe, effective, natural alternatives to conventional medicines which often have negative side effects. This easy to follow, hands-on, practical guide shows how to use herbal remedies to resolve common childhood health issues: simple teas for tummy aches, drops for earaches, treatments for eczema and diaper rash, and much more. Readers are given an introduction to herbal medicine, an explanation of how each herb works and what conditions it treats, a guide to herbal staples for daily use and first aid, and an alphabetical listing of childhood illnesses along with their remedies. Readers are also shown how to gather, preserve, and store herbs, and make their own herbal teas, decoctions, infusions, and salves. Also included are resources on everything from buying and growing herbs to locating an herbalist.

Herbal Love Potions: Natural Recipes to Celebrate Romance and Sensuality
Elaine Sheff, RH(AHG)

Herbal Love Potions: Natural Recipes to Celebrate Romance and Sensuality by Clinical Herbalist Elaine Sheff has decadent herbal recipes for your lover including essential oils for love and passion, natural love potions, chocolate body butter, tenderness massage oil, aphrodisiac foods and more! Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your love and enhance your passion. Here are a few recipes to help you warm things up this Valentines Day. Mix all ingredients well, light some candles, add massage oil, romantic music, and your sweetheart… bliss! Remember, any day is a good day to delight in those you love. Although this book is written to celebrate Valentines Day, these recipes can spice things up a bit any time of the year.

Herbal Medicine for Beginners: Your Guide to Healing Common Ailments with 35 Medicinal Herbs
Katja Swift and Ryn Midura

Herbal Medicine for Beginners is your everyday reference for common ailments using 35 popular herbs.

You don’t need to buy hundreds of hard-to-find herbs to start your journey with herbal medicine. Herbal Medicine for Beginners shows you how to use a few important herbs to promote the body’s ability to fight infection and heal naturally.

Herbal Medicine for Beginners shows herbalists-in-training how to use a limited number of versatile, medicinal herbs to craft herbal remedies for common ailments. From allergies to fevers to headaches, beginners will gain the essential knowledge they need to blossom into natural healers and practice herbal medicine.

Herbal Medicine for Beginners teaches you how to use herbs as preventative and restorative medicine with:

Herbal Medicine 101 provides step-by-step instruction on how to shop for, make, and apply herbal medicine effectively
Profiles on Popular Herbs teach you how to choose the right herbs for your herbal medicine collection
100 Herbal Remedies for Common Ailments with easy-to-follow instructions to safely make remedies at home
Learn how to detox with dandelion, beat stress with linden, soothe burns with marshmallow and much more with remedies for common ailments in Herbal Medicine for Beginners.

Herbal Medicine from the Heart of the Earth
Sharol Tilgner

A wonderful book for the budding herbalist as well as an excellent resource for the experienced clinician. The author has combined her triple skills as a physician, farmer and herbal medicine maker into this easy to use and unique book. You will learn how to make herbal medicines and treat many common health conditions with 107 different herbs and 102 different compound formulas. This book is broad enough in scope that it contains within it enough material for 3 books. “

Herbal Medicine From The Heart Of The Earth 3rd edition
Sharol Tilgner
Herbal Medicine, Healing & Cancer
Donald Yance

More and more people who have been diagnosed with cancer or related illnesses embrace alternative medicines, and seek out holistic practitioners who use vitamins, herbs, nutrition, homeopathy, and acupuncture to treat the disease. This long-awaited book by Donald Yance--one of the nation's most respected herbalists--is a major contribution to the literature of natural healing and cancer.

Herbal Medicine: 190 Herbs To Know and Use
Sharol Tilgner ND, RH

What To Expect from Herbal Medicine: 190 Herbs To Know and Use

Materia Medica

Parts of the plant used as a medicine
How the herb is used
Dosage used
Mental picture and Specific indications
Mechanisms of action
Scientific citations are provided to support the information
144 Color photos of individual herbs included

Additionally, supportive information includes

A “Dictionary of Properties And Actions”
A “Dictionary of Herbal Preparations”
Index of “Common to Latin Names”
Index of “Latin to Common Names”