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In this section of our website we welcome the chance to publicize books that are written (or edited) by  members of the American Herbalists Guild (Past & Present). If you would like to add your book(s) to this page, please send the following items to

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Spice It Up! An Herbal Extravaganza Collection of Folklore, Poems and History of 52 Herbs Designed to Inspire Your Creative Writing
Iris Craver

This is a collection of folklore, stories, poems, and history about fifty-two herbs designed to inspire your creative writing. You will explore everything from a conversation between basil and salt; to creating your own traditions for National Mustard Day! Discover with your words the rhythm of place and food as medicine! Write about dreams and desires. You will know herbs in an entirely different way as you write limericks and letters and love songs inspired by the lingo of our plant allies!

Tea of Tranquility: Making Herbal Teas That Support Tranquility and Nervous System Function
Brooke Criswell

A collection of researched herbal monographs written in easy to follow language with gardening information and recipes. Additional features include: a handy reference chart of herbs that interact with the nervous system, and a collection of tea blends designed to soothe and support nervous system function and foster tranquility.


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The Aromatherapy Book
Jeanne Rose

"Few contemporary herbalists have made as many respected contributions to herbal literature as Jeanne Rose.  This herbal entrepreneur and teacher has been at the forefront of the modern herbal renaissance since she began writing herb books twenty years ago." (Kate Carter Frederick, author of The Herb Companion)

The Art of Herbal Healing: A Guide to Health and Wholeness
Susan Clearwater, RN, BSN

Learn how to grow, harvest, prepare, and formulate herbs for specific health conditions in this comprehensive reference containing step-by-step instructions and colored illustrations enabling safe and responsible use of medicinal plants.
   “Susan Clearwater masterfully weaves her experiences as herbalist and healer with her background as a holistic nurse to create one of the most comprehensive and insightful books available on herbal healing. Truly a wonderful new guide to the ancient art of herbal healing.” Rosemary Gladstar
   “The Art of Herbal Healing is one of those herbal touchstones that defines a generation. The book invites you to become confident with understanding and experiencing herbs to integrate your own health into nature herself. A practical guide for herbalism today.”  Steven Foster

The Curanderx Toolkit: Reclaiming Ancestral Latinx Plant Medicine and Rituals for Healing
Atava Garcia Swiecicki, 2022

 The Curanderx Toolkit includes more than 25 profiles of native and adopted plants of Baja and Alta California and teaches you to grow, know, and love them. This book will help anyone who has lost connection with their ancestors begin to incorporate the herbal wisdom and holistic wellness of curanderismo into their lives. Take the power of ancient medicine into your own hands by learning simple herbal remedies and practicing rituals for kinship with the more-than-human world.

The Ecology of Herbal Medicine: A Guide to Plants and Living Landscapes of the American Southwest
Dara Saville

The Ecology of Herbal Medicine introduces botanical medicine through an in-depth exploration of the land, presenting a unique guide to plants found across the American Southwest. An accomplished herbalist and geographer, Dara Saville offers readers an ecological manual for developing relationships with the land and plants in a new theoretical approach to using herbal medicines.

Designed to increase our understanding of plants’ rapport with their environment, this trailblazing herbal speaks to our innate connection to place and provides a pathway to understanding the medicinal properties of plants through their ecological relationships. With more than thirty-nine plant profiles and including detailed color photographs, Saville provides an extensive materia medica in which she offers practical tools and information alongside inspiration for working with plants in a way that restores our connection to the natural world.

The Essential Guide to Herbal Safety
Simon Mills & Kerry Bone

Winner of American Botanical Council's 2005 James A. Duke Botanical Literature Award, the Essential Guide to Herbal Safety offers a balanced and objective perspective on the principles of herbal medicine safety as well as the complex challenges relating to self-prescribed or professionally prescribed herbal medications and supplements. With contributions from leading international practitioners and authorities, it contains comprehensive reviews, in monograph format, of the published safety data for 125 common herbs. You'll also find coverage of issues of quality, interactions, adverse reactions, toxicity, allergy, contact sensitivity, and idiosyncratic reactions. 

The Essential Herbal for Natural Health: How to Transform Easy-to-Find Herbs into Healing Remedies for the Whole Family
Holly Bellebuono

This friendly guide to herbal medicine-making addresses common health issues and shows, step-by-step, how to make and use natural remedies for healing. Based on Holly's nearly two decades of herbal medicine and women's natural health experience, this guidebook profiles 13 Essential Herbs with descriptions of identification, harvest, preparation, and use for women, men, infants and children, and teenagers. Charmingly illustrated with more than 200 recipes and protocols.

The Frugivore Diet: A Healing Diet For Weight Loss, Heart Disease, Chronic Disease, and Everyday Thrivation
Reya Steele

Year of Publication: 2020

The Fungal Pharmacy
Robert Rogers

The Fungal Pharmacy is a valuable resource to mycologists, researchers, oncologists, environmentalists, ecologists, wildcrafters, scientists and herbalists interested in medicinal mushrooms. In a recent book review, Dr. Solomon Wasser, editor in chief of the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms wrote: "The Fungal Pharmacy is a short encyclopedic review of the species biodiversity of medicinal mushrooms of Western Canada. The importance of the book is not limited to Western Canada; it is also useful for all of North America. The general information contained in this book is useful to all those interested in medicinal mushrooms. In this book, the reader can find information on the medicinal properties of approx. 300 species. I would strongly recommend this unique book without hesitation to medical mycologists, botanists, plant pathologists, professionals, and amateurs. I am using this book extensively in teaching mycology, especially medicinally mushrooms, to university students."